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KLAY-9 Mobile Dog Spa is on it's way to a city near you!!!! Watch as we transform this vehicle from a people passenger vehicle into a deluxe Mobile Dog Spa and Groomer Training Center. (Video and more details coming soon.) :)

MOXIE IN NYC! After visiting several dog parks, and making some important stops for the upcoming Television Publicity Campaign MOXIE Takes Over TIMES SQUARE!!!

Then she goes on a cruise around Manhattan...all for a good cause!

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KLAY-9 Launched September 20th 2006


Super Zoo

Pet Industry Trade Show in Las Vegas




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Past Media News & Events

Nearly on Jay Leno! The Jay Leno Tonight Show filmed for the segment Pitch to America during the Las Vegas Super Zoo Trade Show in September and we like a thousand other hopeful company owners and repesentatives stood in long lines to appear on National Television. We stood for hours not fully knowing exactly who or what would be chosen and most importantly how the products would be presented. Quite nerve racking actually. We took it at as a sign of fate and threw caution to the wind in the name of fun and potential instant National Publicity. After being contacted a few days before the segment aired (11 30 06) to sign a release to use a promotional video we had supplied we were most suprised when our product was not featured. After watching the show we realized that this was a truly pleasant suprise and quite a relief! Most of the products that were chosen were toys or products that were presented in a comedic tone. KLAY-9 although a brand new and completely different product that we thought might get recognition for the simple fact that it was tested on people before dogs is not a joke. Much Thanks to the producers at Jay Leno for sparing us! :)


KLAY-9 Booth at

The HH Backer 2006 ChristmasTrade Show in Chicago


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for more Moxie photos and bulletins regarding the upcoming 3 City Dog Park Tour!

Miami, Los Angeles, & NYC Moxie... will be coming to a dog Park

near you with KLAY-9 Spa Gifts for a few Very Lucky Dogs.

Many More Exciting Events to Come!

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