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KLAY-9 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is KLAY-9?
A: KLAY-9 Inc. was launched on September, 20th 2007 at The Super Zoo, Las Vegas, Trade Show. KLAY-9 offers the only AUTHENTIC SPA TREATMENT on the market for the pet industry to date. KLAY-9 is a Revolutionary, All Natural, Sea Clay, Healthy Skin & Coat Care Spa Treatment. It is not a shampoo, it is a clay. KLAY-9 is absolutely fragrance free, with no artificial color or additives. KLAY-9 is proudly made in the USA.

Q: What does it do?
A: KLAY-9 replaces shampoo with the Ultimate Luxury Spa Treatment that is Ultra Pampering and has real benefits. KLAY-9 Removes Dirt. Eliminates Odor. Absorbs Excess Oil. Gently Exfoliates to Remove Dander. Promotes Healthy Balanced Skin. And Removes Fleas Naturally.

Q: What is KLAY-9 made of?
A: KLAY-9 is an exclusive formula of Bentonite and 3 complex mineral salts. The formula was engineered by a biochemist for IPAC Distributors, Inc. for the “people” spa industry and has been used in Salons, Spas, Day Spas and Resorts throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and The Caribbean since 1989. It is one of the only products to be tested exclusively on humans before being used on animals.

Q: How does KLAY-9 help promote healthy skin?
A: KLAY-9 has similarities with ocean water. It is these properties combined with the natural poultice action of bentonite that helps to promote healthy balanced skin. Just like the people who come to our "people" Spas to have treatments done, most dogs will see an improvement in the appearance of their skin within a few days from a KLAY-9 application.

Q: How does KLAY-9 work?
A: KLAY-9 actually achieves a higher level of balance and clean through an ancient method that has been made modern through scientific engineering. Natural clay is amazing for the fact, that it can absorb both oil and water simultaneously. KLAY-9 works differently from shampoo. Shampoo strips off oil and moisture indiscriminately through a chemical reaction. Clay on the other hand, gently absorbs the dirt and excess oil without depleting the skin of moisture. KLAY-9 does not absorb moisture because it is suspended in water when it is applied. This absorption is a very helpful method of cleansing for dogs with allergies, as clay locks allergens, such as pollen or grass, in and removes them with out spreading them across more of the dogs skin. The result is a very happy, naturally clean dog.

Q: Is KLAY-9 complicated to use at home?
A: Not at all! The process is simple. Just add very warm water, shake and apply. Allow your pet to relax for 5-10 minutes. Rinse. Dry and Style as usual. It is that easy.

Q: How is KLAY-9 actually applied?
A: The Individual Spa Treatments come in a (shaker) bottle that is used for mixing KLAY-9 into a warm, liquid silt. Inside is also a squeeze bottle. Take the squeeze bottle out before beginning to mix and set it aside. After the KLAY-9 is mixed, fill the squeeze bottle and use it to apply around the face and under the belly. The rest of the KLAY-9 is poured on. Most dogs absolutely love the way the KLAY-9 feels when it is being poured onto their backs. You can see it in the look they get on their face (Some call it the Licky, Licky Look). Most dogs will stand, sit or lay very still during application. Imagine how good having something warm and silky poured over you would feel! They really do enjoy it!

Q: How long does a KLAY-9 Spa Treatment take?
A: The KLAY-9 treatment remains on the dog for approximately 5-10 minutes. The entire Spa Treatment from start to dry, is usually just a few minutes longer than a regular shampoo wash.

Q: Is it messy?
A: No, most dogs will not be inclined to shake while the treatment is on. It feels good to them they don’t try to get it off. KLAY-9 is an all-natural non-staining formula. It wipes off of surfaces with warm water. It washes out of fabric in a regular wash. It leaves no visible residue on your pet or décor.

Q: Is KLAY-9 ok for white dogs?
A: Yes, KLAY-9 is safe and will not stain white fur. KLAY-9 cleans white dogs beautifully but, KLAY-9 contains no whitening chemicals and will not significantly whiten very deep stains in white fur. KLAY-9 does not penetrate the hair follicle like stains do. Consult with your groomer to find a natural whitener if your dog has stained fur.

Q: What happens if my dog eats the clay?
A: Most dogs will not eat KLAY-9 because it tastes salty, like ocean water. Most dogs do not drink ocean water. If they happen to ingest a very large quantity of KLAY-9, it may make them have an upset stomach (This is rare). KLAY-9 is a natural product and is not toxic.

Q: Is it ok to put it on a dog with open wounds?
A: KLAY-9 is considered a pet cosmetic, not a holistic product or medicinal product in any way. It is never a good idea to put anything on deep bites, puncture wounds or any wound with out consulting a licensed veterinarian. Some conditions, such as mange and other parasites need laboratory tests and specific medications to eradicate. If you have any questions or concerns about using KLAY-9 on your dog especially dogs with skin issues you should consult your veterinarian.

Q: Is it safe to go down the drain?
A: Yes. When you add water to the KLAY-9 powder you will see that it almost completely dissolves. It is safe for mobile groomers, septic tanks, and regular drains. If you have concerns about releasing KLAY-9 to the drain you can always give the KLAY-9 treatment outdoors, weather permitting or give treatments in a flat tub and then pour the KLAY-9 liquid into a bottle to go into the trash.

Q: How much does KLAY-9 cost?
A: If you are purchasing items to use at home from a Dog Spa, Grooming Boutique, Retail Location or off of the KLAY-9 web site the prices are listed on the order page and range from $44.00 for a toy or teacup sized dog to $154.00 for a 95 lb. dog for 1 treatment.

A: If you are having a Treatment done at a Dog Spa, Grooming Boutique or Pet Salon you can expect to pay two or even three times the price of a regular shampoo wash, depending on the facility. If massage is to be included in the treatment, it may be charged separately and in addition to the KLAY-9 Treatment. KLAY-9 is an exclusive treatment for people who really want to give their pets the very best.

Q: What if my Dog SPA or Groomer is not yet a part of the KLAY-9 Family?
A: We welcome new KLAY-9 Family members! Either give them our website www.klay-9.com and ask them to contact us or you can send us their e-mail or street address and we will be happy to forward over information to them. Note* We will not solicit them, but we will let them know that one of their clients asked us to forward information.

If you have addition questions or comments please e-mail them to: mail@KLAY-9.com
E-mails will be answered promptly. Your questions may be added (anonymously) to the list to assist others. Your testimonials and feedback are greatly appreciated. Testimonials will be posted anonymously unless you indicate that you would like to have your Name, City, State or Facility Listed. All e-mail addresses are kept confidential.





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Moxie Really Bad Skin Before KLAY-9 **Please note we are making no claims. KLAY-9 is considered a pet cosmetic. These results may not be typical.

Moxie After Beginning KLAY-9 Treatments**Please note we are making no claims. KLAY-9 is considered a pet cosmetic. These results may not be typical.

Moxie After Regular KLAY-9 Treatments**Please note we are making no claims. KLAY-9 is considered a pet cosmetic. These results may not be typical.

The following is the story that gives The INSPIRATION behind KLAY-9

"KLAY-9 The Whole Story" (Written By Sherry Hill-Owen, KLAY-9 Founder)

My parents were not rich by any means but they were great parents and sacrificed many comforts to afford their children some pretty expensive hobbies. This is only relevant because The KLAY-9 story really starts out with a puppy on the back of a horse!

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. I lived near the city center in a suburb. Right in the middle of this nice suburban neighborhood there was a 15 acre horse boarding stable. The land had been grandfathered in as ok for horses. The family who owned it had at one time owned most of that entire neighborhood. I used to take riding lessons every other weekend. On my 9th birthday, I got the gift that every little girl dreams about getting; A horse of my very own! I have to say my parents knew what they were doing. Having a horse or any animal is a good responsibilty for a kid, it kept me out of lots of trouble. I had to work at the stables to help pay for my boarding expenses. One afternoon, I was riding off of the stable property, out on the street, with a friend of mine. We were just out on our normal afterschool routine ride, which was a 4 mile round trip to Burger King (Believe it or not, they had a hitching post behind the drivethrough for us). We were about 3 quarters of the way home still drinking our big sodas, when we came up on two boys looking a little stressed out. I noticed they had a box with something moving in it. I was looking over and trying to figure out what was in the box, when one of the boy's said, "Hey... Do you want a puppy?

It was love at first sight! In the box was this adorable fluffy caramel and white puppy with a crooked ear and black eye liner only on one eye. I took her with out any thought at all. I scooped her up and sat her on the front of the saddle. She was so tiny. She was right at home, like she had done this a thousand times before. I named her Carmelita after a horse named Cocolita that I admired at the stables. It wasn't until I got back to the barn that I realized MY PARENTS were going to KILL ME! My girlfriend and I decided that we needed to fluff the whole story to make it sound like we had really rescued the puppy from near death, or I was going to be in real trouble for not asking if I could have a dog. Afterall, it is a big commitment and effects the whole family! We told a white lie. We said we had found her next to a big lake where the snakes and alligators live and there was NO ONE around. I later came clean on the lie I felt so guilty. By that time, she had won everyone's heart over and no one could imagine her not being a part of the family.

I know everyone who connects with their dog can understand this. She was my very best friend. She went almost everywhere I went, including horse rides. She loved to chase sandcrabs on the beach. She was hand signal trained. She knew left and right. She knew tricks. She had a large vocabulary (bigger than some of my friends LOL) She could tell by the shoes I put on, if she was going to get to go with me. She was an exellent guardian...She knew things about people. The rule in my house was: If my dog didn't like you... you were not welcome. When I got new hobbies she was up for that too! She used to windsurf with me in the summers. She loved it! We had a lot of great times together. LITA

When she was about 16 years old she began to have some serious issues with her skin and her immune system as most aging dogs do. She was prescribed regular prednisone shots and they were not really working. Now comes the KLAY-9 part. It was my Dad who actually put this together. My Mother has owned a Cosmetic Manufacturing Company named IPAC Distributors, Inc. since 1989. She makes and distributes Sea Clay Spa Treatments wholesale to Resorts, Spas and Salons mostly accross the United States and Canada. When Lita was no longer able to go to the ocean and swim in the saltwater her skin took a turn for the worst. My DAD said, "Why don't you put some of the Spa Treatment Clay on the dog?" At first I thought it was kind of silly. I also thought it was too expensive to put on the dog and I did not have faith that it would be beneficial. Well I could not have been more WRONG. YES MY DAD WAS RIGHT! LOL I started thinking about it. I knew what Sea Clay did for our people clients. We have testimonials from all over the country from people who enjoy the detoxifying properties of our Sea Clay. Sea Clay has bentonite which is a natural poultice and 3 complex mineral salts that are very much like intense ocean water. It is natural and it doesn't have any fragrance. The more I thought about it the more it made sense. My brother encouraged me further by stating that animals would roll in mud in nature if they were having issues with their skin.

I decided to try it. I made a mix of the clay and put it on her sore spots. I could see a difference almost immediatly. The hot spots began to look better within just a few days. Her fur grew back in and her skin eventually cleared. She was getting a treatment once a week instead of shampoo. We think she had allergies to the shampoos, even the oatmeal made her itchy and smelly. She lived another three years. 3 years that were much improved because we had found something that helped her with her skin issues. She was 19 when she finally passed. I was devasted. I didn't even want to think about dogs much less getting a new one. It seemed the concept of the Sea Clay Dog Skin Treatment might be lost with my beloved Lita.

Then, one day I fell in love again. I will admit it wasn't love at first sight. But I have once again opened my heart to a very dear friend.

One cloudy afternoon in front of the IPAC Distributors Inc. offices I was riding with my mother to the grocery store after work. I wasn't really looking at the road. I was admiring the neighbors classic car parked on the corner. I remember my Mom saying "Oh My God that dog is going to get hit!". I looked up and all I saw was a grey ball of fur, all turned sideways, sitting right on the center line between on coming cars. The dog was exactly the same color as the street. I opened the door, jumped out and without thinking that this little fluff ball might be mean, grabbed the dog. This dog bit me so hard it drew blood. I almost dropped it. At this point I had no idea even what kind of dog it was. Its face was all grown over and you couldn't see its eyes. It was all matted up and had sandspurs stuck in its fur.

We took the dog to our office. The poor thing couldn't sit, laydown or walk for the prickly matts poking it all over. It was just turning in circles and chewing at its fur and feet trying to remove the sandspurs. After a quick inspection we determined it was a mini schnauzer, a girl and she was not spayed. She was mean and a serious biter! I realized later that when I picked her up, I must have scared her and I probably pushed a pokey thing in her skin. After much tension and a few nasty attempts to bite me, I soothed her enough to begin to clip off the matts. Once she realized I was trying to help her, she calmed down a great deal. She would only let me clip for a few minutes at a time before she would start the biting again. It took several days, to completely remove all of the matts. Underneath the matts her skin was a wreck! She actually had sandspurs stuck in her bum. Poor Baby!

Once again my DAD reminded me about the Sea Clay. I had completely forgotten about it. It had been several years since Lita had died. I immediately started giving her Sea Clay Treatments just a few days apart to give her a jump start. We made posters but, no one claimed her. In the meantime, her fur started to grow back in. It looked like she might be staying with us until the 85 lb. family dog (Bowser) another stray rescue, tried to eat her alive. She was not well socialized and tried to bite him first. We were afraid he might kill her. So we found her a home. It didn't stick though. She was back within a few weeks because, she chased the nice lady's kitty and her skin broke out into sores again. We took her to the Vet who told us she had very bad allergies. Florida is a really harsh environment for dogs. We have mosquitos, grass, humidity and FLEAS! It is a nightmare place to have an allergic dog. She got her vaccinations and we had her Spayed. When we found out she had 3 ovaries and nearly died on the operating table we named her "MOXIE" for her courage. After her surgery the family dog Bowser was not as threatened by her. She was much less aggressive and they became inseparable.

Never would I have guessed that the snarling, matted dog I grabbed out of traffic would have turned into such a princess! She is part of the family now. She actually loves to be groomed. She loves to go in the car. We go to Starbucks a lot. She is not really the woodsy hiking, athletic type. She loves clothes and prancy stuff. I really think she understands the whole concept of photography. SHE LOVES to have her picture taken. She actually poses, it's hilarious! I think she knows that she looks great! I truly think it was fate that she came to us.

My brother Jimmy had the vision of the name KLAY-9 while in the shower one day. He says it was an epiphany. After seeing what Sea Clay "People" SPA Treatments did for my two dogs, my family and especially my brother Jimmy, convinced me that it is my obligation to bring this to other dogs who might really need an alternative to the things they are currently using to deal with skin issues. My brother also recognized that there were no TRUE SPA TREATMENTS on the market for dogs. All we could find was a bunch of high fragrance shampoos with the word SPA printed on them. I would imagine that dogs with their incredible sense of smell and taste HATE all of the perfume and chemicals they have to endure with shampoo. I wanted to begin selling the clay because I know it helps dogs, but it is funny to me, while we were doing our research on other dogs, I realized that dogs really, really enjoy it. I guess the feeling of having something warm and silky on their skin is not a feeling that they can have with just shampoo and water. I also think that the fact that there is no fragrance is very refreshing for them. Every dog that we have given the treatment to gets a really funny (happy trance) look on their face. I call it the Licky, Licky Look. It makes me feel good to be able to offer a beneficial product that I know dogs really enjoy.

I also, really like the fact that everyone in my family has been involved in bringing KLAY-9 to the rest of the world!

Sherry Hill-Owen

(Founder KLAY-9 Inc.)

Visit Moxie on MySpace! www.myspace/klay9

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